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A Beginner's Guide to Sell Products

Hi! Okta from Business Team is here🙋‍♀. This time, I will tell you 2 simple ways how you start selling.

1. This is important, understand your UPS!

It’s important to focus on the unique selling points (UPS) of your product and how that will help customers to solve their problems. You can convince them in a way that resonates with their needs, by then, you might be able to tell them that your products are a better fit for them. Let's take as an example. These are our unique selling points :

  1. Our coffee is a Geographical Indication Bajawa Arabica Coffee with altitude 1350 above sea level. This makes our coffee has very unique taste. You will love it!

  2. Our farmers do the selective harvesting which only picking the ripe coffee cherries by hand. They take care of harvesting process precisely.

  3. We proceed our coffee with Full-washed process and medium roast to keep the original taste of our coffee. Experience the sensation of brown sugar, chocolate and fruity taste.

  4. Our farmers implement climate smart agriculture which contribute to sustainable development to maintain the quality of the whole coffee agriculture aspects. The coffee also organic!

  5. We buy coffee from farmers with fair trade transaction.

  6. We donate 25% of wholesale price for installing Biogas and initiate Climate Field School for our coffee farmers.

Our Products in

Then, start thinking about how those unique selling points will help. Slowly but surely you are actually creating a customer profile. Knowing exactly who you’re targeting during selling will make everything a whole lot easier. You will be able to attract more potential customers and focus on them, rather than if you simply to target everyone.

*My 2 cents :

  • You can try to find your potential customer in search engine or social media according to your detailed customer target.

  • Look back to your acquaintances and networking groups! Are they match with your detailed customer persona?

  • Ask referral from the existing customers and offer a loyalty program like promo or discount.

2. Canvassing & Set Meeting!

Once you know who your customers are, you have to find them! Do canvassing! Basically, canvassing known as cold-calling. Canvassing can be done over the phone or door to door to promote or sell an idea or product, and it typically involves making contact with potential customers for the first time. Rather than just jumping into the visits or calls, you need to create a strategy to ensure your efforts are effective and efficient. Follow this strategy for doing canvassing :

  • You can use several method, manually or digitally. Digital canvassing is suitable for our current pandemic situation.

  • Set a right mindset! Remember the reasons why do you want to sell your product!

  • Don't forget your sales pitch! Focus on the unique selling points. Set a meeting schedule with owner or person who is in charge on decision making.

  • During meeting, you have to be the one who handle the meeting process, don't let customers distract your flow of pitching. Keep listening patiently to our customer's problems and give solution by resonating it with our products. Handle the objections from customers carefully. If it isn't possible to do sales pitching, then arrange the meeting in the other time.

  • Closing! Make sure you get the deal on the spot and make a powerful closing. If customers said that they will let us know their decision, then don't forget to follow up them.

Stay in touch with your customers and build a strong relationship together. Perhaps you can get many insights also generate ideas for your product development. Also, keep improving! You can check our products here. Thank you & see you!

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