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Saturday well spent with insightful Backcasting FGD!

Hi Amanda from Think-team and occasionally Be-team here!

As many of you have read from our founder's diary by Tak, we held our weekly online webinar last Saturday titled "FGD for Youth", with our partner, New Energy Nexus Indonesia. This time, the webinar was not only a one-way presentation from the keynote speaker to the participants. In this webinar, we introduced a new interactive session called Backasting FGD!

What is backcasting? Just like how determine the vision of the company, backcasting is an envisioning method that begins with setting a desirable future and plans its way backward to situation analysis and solution that connect to the overall vision. In this event, the purpose of Backcasting session is to gain participants’ insights in setting a target or vision, understanding the current situation, identifying problems and finding solution linked to clean energy transition and sustainable waste management.

Curious to know how it went? Follow along!

Firstly, we divided participants into five topical groups with each different speaker from the topic-related organization as follows:

1. Energy Efficiency and Energy Conservation with Enter Nusantara

2. Renewable Energy with New Energy Nexus Indonesia

3. Organic Waste Management with Urban Biologist Bali

4. Inorganic Waste Management with Zero Waste Indonesia (ZWID)

5. Sustainable Business (energy and waste) with

We then utilize the Backcasting framework as the structure for participants to give inputs focusing on identifying the current situation, problem, and solution, all of which guided by each speaker and facilitator. After a good 10 minutes, participants have eagerly posted many current situation and problem that reflects individually as well as nationwide.

For instance, the inorganic waste management group with ZWID recapped a quite interesting session! Participants' inputs on current inorganic waste management situation in Indonesia range from the unestablished regulatory basis, lack of clear communication and waste management cycle issue to the rising concern of medical waste recently. As a result, the proposed solution also varies and innovative, as can be seen in the jamboard below!

Having done our first backcasting FGD, this was a successful fun session! Many participants responded with great feedback, some even requested a longer session for this Backcasting FGD alone! For some of you, who are reading this and interested to learn more about Backcasting and join our next event, you can check out our Online SDG Training , subscribe and never miss our event!

Good time to catch up with you,!!

Talk to you soon next week!

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Dec 05, 2020

This FGD event was great and so interesting! We needed more time to discuss but this session was so effective to recap our ideas!


We gonna do Vision contest soon!! Next week ;-)


Nov 30, 2020

looking forward to other sessions! ;)

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