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Roast the Coffee Yourself!

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Coffee is a kind of drink that can be found everywhere. However, have you ever wondering how a cup of your morning coffee was made? Through this article, will answer your curiosity. 

Coffee is one of the essential beverages for some people, especially in the morning. A cup of hot coffee usually gives fresh effect to our body and thus we can do many activities all day long. The brown color of coffee that we usually see is because of the roasting process. The color of coffee before it was roasted was green to yellow, so people call it green beans.

How people usually roast coffee

If you familiar with coffee or have seen coffee roaster before, the picture above would be the machine that normally a big coffee roaster use. It is the same machine that our coffee roaster Hungry Bird use. However, the price would be not cheap and it is for a big scale coffee roaster.

It is also require many technical understanding to operate the machine and our farmers most likely will not do if it is too complicated. What is the reason we teach the farmers to roast their coffee on their own? It is simple, so they get the most of the money from their coffee not the middle man.

Small size coffee roaster

Pak Cakra with small size coffee roaster

In, we also develop ​roasting machine which is very easy to use! Unlike the other roasting machine that has a big size, our roasting machine is small and handy, approximately 25x20 cm. The machine is made of stainless steel with the maximum capacity of 500 gram per roasting. designed this unique machine for farmers which can be put on a single stove.

The end goal with the small coffee roaster is to allow farmers roast their coffee with a clean energy biogas. In this way, we can convince farmers that installing biogas digester is useful not only for climate, organic fertilizer, but also to generate income. Not only for farmers, Four Seasons Resort in Jimbaran Bay is also interested with our machine. They are planning to use it to introduce the process of roasting coffee to their customers.

Hopefully, in the near future we can realize the dream to make our coffee farmers to roast their coffee with the biogas!

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