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Relationship and Pleasure in the Production of su-re.cocoa

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Did you know?

We also work together with other parties to develop climate-smart products from local farmers as we believe collaboration is key!

Our delightful su-re.cocoa becomes a favorite! It is produced by Primo Chocolate in Tabanan, Bali. It is such a lovely place to explore more about chocolate production. We met with an inspiring person, Giuseppe Verdacchi the owner of Primo Chocolato. In the production of chocolate, he highlights the importance of relationships and pleasure.

The importance of a relationship

“Relationship with farmers and farmers community is something that you build through time. If you are skeptical of someone or if you don’t really trust 100% someone, you will never be really open and therefore you will never have full enjoyment together” said Verdacchi

By empowering the women around the area, the process of making su-re.cocoa is mostly done by hands with high attention to hygiene. They manually sort husk to get cacao nibs then slowly grind the cacao nibs using a machine that was made in Bali! “We value hands as tools much more than any other tools. Of course, you need to produce things but human intervention is essential. So, first of all, is the production, rhythms, have to be on a human scale. So no exploitation, no pressure, no pushing. Creating the relationship with the staff that is based on trust” he added.

The pleasure for everyone

As we take it from nature, we should give it back to nature to achieve a sustainable and resilient future for all of us. When our gift makers, Radhya, Felix, and Maya visited Primo, they saw that the production is also trying to be zero waste. The cacao husk is collected and used for compost. “If we define chocolate as a pleasure it has to be a pleasure for everybody including mother nature that has to be respected in the production of this delicacy. Sustainability of production, the correct use land, the organic, of course, growing of cacao, they all part of the equation of pleasure” said Verdacchi

“There is no other way in a relationship in any kind of farming community, takes time you have to grow to build trust and good friendship” he closed.

You can also make an impact by supporting this sustainable business and farmers by purchasing su-re.cocoa. 25% of sales goes to farmers empowerment, biogas installation and climate field schools. Get su-re.cocoa on Tokopedia: su-reco and be part of the action to fight against climate change with farmers!

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