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One Island One Voice – Small Action to Protect Bali’s Environment

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Plastic pollution is now becoming a critical issue in the world, including Indonesia. It pollutes our land, beach, and sea that can be harming the life of each ecosystem. Did you know? Not all kinds of plastics can be recycled! It is only 9% of plastic waste that has been recycled all over the world, hence it is essential to start reducing single-use plastic in our daily life. Bali Province has also been banning single-use plastic. So, let’s start from now on! Coordinates a Beach Clean Up at Munggu Beach

In order to reduce the effect of plastic pollution, an action Bali’s Biggest Clean-Up was initiated by Bali’s young generations ‘One Island One Voice or Satu Pulau Satu Suara’. They engage people across Bali even from abroad to organize and coordinate clean-up in their area. Hundreds of cleanups we conducted including a beach clean-up at Munggu Beach coordinated by on February 15, 2020. We were really excited to be part of this action.  With the help of several people, including the Director of SEI Asia, Nial O’Cornorr, we can help prevent 3 sacks or 30 kg of trash to bother the marine life. All of this garbage we collected at the beach were grouped based on its type like food wraps, cans, bottles, etc.

One Island One Voice 

In total, there were 12.500 people taking action to clean up Bali’s beautiful island on that day and successfully collected 20 tons of trash! A small act that is done by a huge number of people can create a valuable impact on the earth. We hope this action will raise the awareness of the people to love and save their environment!

Let’s make a change together!  

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