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"Not only study, but do something";Idea of su-re.co

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Dear friends, you may receive my suggested page su-re.co (Sustainability and Resilience). We have been developing the company last 10 months. We finally decided to disseminate our activities. It is a consulting firm, but we want to go beyond that because of the phrase I have in my mind:

"Not only study, but do something"

I visited a village in the photo in Northern South Africa for one of my first missions after my PhD from Ivory tower of Oxford. It was a successful research project, which became a reference article of the third IPCC report. However, the situation in the village was devastating. There is no water, no job, and little capability to handle the hard environmental conditions. Then, one of village women said to me the sentence:

Not only study, but do something

I know the value of research and consulting job, but these people needed immediate "something"other than a 100-page-report.

When I set up a company su-re.co I did have neither a mission statement nor strategic plan, but I had the sentence in my mind. I do"study", but "do something" else too. We have already working on a few "do something" projects, so please keep your eyes on the su-re.co page.

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