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New Experiment for Biogas Digester

“Innovation is the calling card of the future”– Anna Eshoo. 

The world is massively changing and thus we have to work harder to prepare for the condition in the future. In addition, at, we always try to construct a new innovation. Lately, together with our interns, we tried to substitute the cow dung for the biogas digester with kitchen waste.  The motivation behind this experiment is we consider farmers who do not have access to cow dung as we know that not all farmers have livestock in their homes as well as their farmland.

Where is the waste come from? 

Kitchen waste can be easily found in our surroundings.  However, to get enough waste, we pick up waste such as fruits and vegetables from Canggu Traditional Market on March 28th, 2019. We can gather chili, orange, and various kinds of vegetables from the market’s dumping and thus, for the first time, we went back with a bag of waste from that place. Certainly, you can also use your waste from your own kitchen if you produced enough waste!

How does it work? 

The function of the kitchen waste is to substitute the use of cow dung for filling the biogas digester. The first step that should we do is cutting the waste into small pieces. Our intern, Alexandra zur Neiden was working on it! She cut the waste into small pieces and then mixed it with water, bacteria, sugar and EM4. While waiting for the waste well-mixed, we can prepare for the biogas bag. We dig a hole to place the biogas on the ground. After 1 hour of waiting for the waste was filled into the biogas bag and we put more water into it. Moreover, we also fill the biogas with kitchen waste every day. 

The result 

After two to four weeks, we can see the progress. Moreover, we monitor the progress every day from March 29th, 2019. However, we were not successful in our first trial. We are still having some problems in developing a method for this new source of energy. So far, the result still needs more researches and experiments. We will keep trying and trying to find the best way to develop the new sources for our biogas digester!

“No amount of experimentation can ever prove me right; a single experiment can prove me wrong”- Albert Einstein

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