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Multitasking is like liberal arts!

Hi! I’m Miku from Do-Business team! Today, I would like to tell you about my experience-based ideas toward multitasking.

As I mentioned before on the other blog page, I am working at as an internship student and studying at university. Also, I am belonging the environmental volunteer organization and club activity in university. So, I am kind of doing “multitask” in my life. I think it is not an unusual thing and everyone in society would do it like me.

To talk more about my major in university, I am actually taking the courses of international liberal arts and learning many subjects such as sociology, economics, business, and international relationships. These days, I just come up with the idea that there will be similarities between these multitasking and liberal arts.

The reason why I think like that is that both of them can connect knowledge and skills and apply them in other fields. For example, one of my tasks at is operating Instagram account and making the posts introducing activities. This experience was practiced in the volunteer activity. I also became the charge of posting activities on SNS, so I gave advice to other members to make posts from my previous experience in In terms of liberal arts, I sometimes find connections through learning many fields of study. For instance, when I learned about globalization in sociology class, I realized that this concept was also discussed in economics class. I think this example will be too simple, but I would like to tell that I could learn deeply about the concepts in other subjects.

Some people might say that multitasking is not beneficial and need to focus on limited organization tasks to achieve goals. But, I believe that people who are challenging many things can stock their experiences in life and apply them to various fields. So, both multitasking and liberal arts can be beneficial to spend life from my perspective.

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Fabian Peri Wiropranoto
Fabian Peri Wiropranoto
2021년 4월 11일

I think multitasking is usually referred to doing many things in one timeslot (by the minutes). But achieving many things one thing at a time is definitely doable and should be encouraged more. As a fellow liberal arts graduate, I heavily resonate with this post :)

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