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Movies as a Tool in Education for Sustainable Development

Sometimes people tend to think that people who likes watching movies very much is not productive and do not have any other activities to do. Generally watching a movie is a way to kill time but for movie lovers watching a movie is optimum use of time. For me, watching movie is like a meditation, I can sit in a place for more than 2 hours without thinking any of my problems. Movies can give us the opportunity to explore our personal relationships, our relationships with each other, human behavior, emotions, and conflicts. In movies, we learn to be more critical, compassionate, empathetic, and to become more confident. There is a greater sense of peace that is achieved by just watching a movie and experiencing a storyline.

There are a lot of movie genre and the good thing is now there are plenty of movies that brings up sustainability, climate change, consumerism, and various other vital topics relating to the environment. As a person who likes watching movies that much, I can really reflected about the environmental issues after I watched those movies. I can give a review about the movie in many perspectives. So I think being a movie freak is not always sounds bad, otherwise, if we are clever enough to choose what movies we wanna watch, it can be very impactful to us to make an impact in sustainability.

Another perk is that (for me) I can improve my language skill, especially in English and Korean since I loveeee watching western movies and korean drama. But among all the perks, I think the ultimate part of being a movie freak that I can discuss about my perspectives on a movie with another person and its kinda exciting for me!

How about you? Are you a movie freak or a book worm? Please tell me about it!

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