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Meet one of the Biogas Warriors, Emily Eastman!

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Hello environmental warriors!  

This article is will share the story from the biogas warriors of! Meet Emily Eastman who helps create biogas digester for coffee farmers in Indonesia.

“When I arrived we had only 2 biogas digesters installed, and throughout the duration of my internship I was able to produce over 18 digesters and install six throughout Bali” – Emily 

Emily was part of for 5 months as a biogas team and also involved in other projects like research.  She is studying at Northeastern University, in Boston, USA, pursuing a combined Bachelors/Masters in Environmental Engineering.

Emily and Biogas Digester 

While creating a biogas digester, we have to pay attention to details. We must be welding the biogas using a heat gun very carefully to make sure the gas can be stored well. “Additionally, I became the resident expert in welding PVC fabric. When creating a biogas digester every little detail and seam matters so they must be treated carefully and with great attention” said Emily on her last day of internship.

What did you learn from your internship? 

“My favorite thing that I learned while working at was how to work in a multicultural environment. This not only introduced me to many amazing people from a multitude of backgrounds but also taught me how to work alongside people who have different work approaches than my own” said Emily.

As the one who joined early in 2019, Emily was also responsible to lead projects and transfer the knowledge to the new interns. She found that these responsibilities can improve her skills in communicating ideas and how to manage a group of people with a common mission. Emily also was also glad to work alongside farmers and see the positive impact of a clean cooking stove for their lives. She stated that it is the most valuable experience during her time with

For those who would like to take the leap  

“The experience you have may not be exactly what you expect, but you will enjoy it in the long run. I think one important outlook to have is to not think that you are going to save the world in a matter of months, but rather you can and will positively affect the lives of maybe 2 farmers. And those two farmers are enough for you to feel proud in your accomplishments” closed Emily.

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