Learning New Method in Gardening

Experiment in gardening

Do you remember about our small garden in su-re.co office? Last month, we started this gardening project using hugelkultur system by making small raised bed next to the wall in our office. We plant long bean, onion and so forth then monitor its growth every day to make sure it grows to be a healthy one. By using compost that we made by ourselves, the long bean and onion get the best ecological friendly nutrient and now, we have had the first great result from it, especially from the long bean! The baby long been has transformed to be healthy plant and gave satisfied result. We are really happy, that we can harvest the long bean fresh from our garden.

Learning new method in gardening

In our office we still have some vacant land that can be used for planting. We love to gain more knowledge about gardening in narrow land and thankfully we had a chance to learn about permaculture from Yayasan Emas Hitam Indonesia on May 13, 2019 in Ubud, Bali. Together with students from Montessori School Bali especially the children from Lil Lotus Coffee, su-re.co team that was represented by Mayun and Alex learned a lot about permaculture from this foundation. Moreover, Montessori School Bali has huge land in the middle of the school that can be used to develop a permaculture garden therefore this workshop would be useful for its students.

The term “permaculture” combines the words permanent and culture, or permanent and agriculture. According to Bill Millison in the book Introduction to Permaculture, permaculture uses the inherent qualities of plants and animals combined with the natural characteristics of landscapes and structures to produce a life-supporting system for city and country, using the smallest practical area. It shows that permaculture is one of the best way to develop garden in narrow land.

During the workshop with Yayasan Emas Hitam Indonesia, we were practicing how to design, mulched and planted on our bed, how to harvest and propagated moringa, how to make our own seed balls and paper pots, and how to harvest blue pea, indigo, sorghum, cosmos and tomato seeds to take home. And after joining this workshop we are ready to applied the lesson in developing our own garden in su-re.co. Stay tuned for our next gardening project!

su-re.co and lil lotus

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