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Learning How to Learn

Hi everyone, I am Herry from Do-Engineering Team. In the previous blog, I have explained why I finally landed in this field. Now, I will tell you about how I entered and survived in this field. Many people say that my field of renewable energy is very difficult to study. Some say that it requires strong physics and chemistry, some say it is a difficult new science and various kinds. But what keeps me here? What made me finally understand this field?

I remembered this when I met Juka in the Jiwa Garden, and he said this. Many people study to gain knowledge, but not many people learn how to learn. Maybe a little confusing, hehe. But this is what I experienced during my growing process. During elementary to middle school, I never felt inferior because my friends always had lower school grades than me. I was always relaxed in following the lessons, and there was no sense of ambition to develop because there was no drive to pursue that ambition. Until it was time to enter one of the favorite high schools in Bali, everything changed.

Many smart people I met and in the end, I did not know how to compete with them. But that's not important, in high school I was filled with chaos because I couldn't understand many lessons. Until one day I realized that something was wrong. Yes, what's wrong is the way I study. When I realized this, I began to be optimistic about taking any step, even though it was new to me. There is no specific method for learning how to learn. For me, it depends on your personality and habits. But there is a sign where you will find a sense of comfort and pleasure in doing something, and that makes you happy. That's the right way to study for you. This will be obtained when you try various methods and finally find one that works, learn from experienced people, and increase your curiosity. Like an example of an explanatory video from Barbara Oakley at TEDx Oakland University. He is one example of a person who managed to become a professor of Engineering at a university, even though he failed in mathematics and science in high school.

Until now, I really enjoyed learning new things and especially in the field of environment and clean technology. But, from time to time, I need some quiet time to find the right way to learn something, it can't be done while panicking, emotional, or sad.

Thank you for reading, I hope it provides new insights for you. In your opinion, is it true that knowing how to study can make life easier for you? And how do you learn something new?

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