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Keep the Sea Plastics Free​

On May 16, 2021, Baliisim and Trash Hero Canggu got together at Munggu Beach to hold a beach cleanup and product display. On that sunny day, 40 participants successfully picked up 76 kgs of non-organic waste on the beach. What a huge amount of trash!​However, only 8 kilos of them are recyclable :( ​

Munggu beach is the clean up site of Trash Hero Canggu. They conduct the clean up every Sunday afternoon. In this occasion, as a follow up action, and Baliism conducted an online ​challenge for the participants to post their experience during the beach clean-up as well as to inspire their friends on social media to take a positive actions in protecting our environment. ​

​4 best participants have been rewarded some sustainable gifts by and Baliism. Congratulations to Ivandy Nezha, Sri Wahyuni, Chiatsu Ishiodori and Adinda Aulia.​ And to all participants, thank you so much for your inspiring action and we hope to see you again in the next clean ups!​

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