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We invite you to join us on the evening of the 29th November, to support local famers fight climate change. We are launching a crowdfunding campaign and need your support! Discover how coffee can make the world a better place!

The event will take place between 6PM and 8PM at James Cook Sports Bar, in Kerobokan, Bali. Come and enjoy our delicious cocktails: with Martini. Ice coffee will also be available.

And guess what? You might come back home with hands full of gift! We will host a raffle and an auction to support our crowdfunding campaign to help local farmers become more resilient vis-a-vis climate change.

A flower bouquet from SaNDaT Floral for your wife? Or maybe a 1-hour long massage at ?

Many more prizes, such as vouchers for Alive Wholefood Store, vouchers for Luigi's Hot Pizza, vouchers for Hungry Bird's Coffee Shop, 1 night stay at Segara Hotel - or a bottle of wine!

A talk will be organised by our very special partners, a.k.a. Montessori School Bali's adolescent class. Also, our founder and CEO - Prof. Dr. Takeshi Takama - will present about's climate field school and biogas digesters models.

An evening of fun to make a change.

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