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[Innovation] Frugal innovation is for "Mottainai"

This blog, which I write every day, has been turned into an internal quiz. This quiz is a way for giftmakers to learn about sustainability.

Today's quiz is based on the blog I wrote yesterday and is as follows

A blower that used to be on ships was used in the tea industry. Write about the benefits of frugal innovation.

The giftmaker members shared the same benefits. They said that because frugal innovation is a matured technology, it is cheaper to develop and reduces overall production and operating costs. There is no doubt about this, but there is another critical "Mottainai" in frugal innovation.

Frugal innovation is applying technology that is already used or useless in one sector to another sector so that the established technology is not lost. It would be a shame to lose the technology that we have nurtured so well. Perhaps the best example is the cathode-ray tube, which was the technology used in televisions before LED and LCD televisions became commonplace. Almost as thick as they were wide, CRT televisions were shaped like a box. Cathode-ray tube televisions have disappeared, completely replaced by LCD televisions, which are energy efficient and come in thin sheets. The technology of the cathode-ray tube disappeared because it did not meet with the frugal renovation.

The blower on ships, which does not have much potential, is a technology that will continue to be used by changing sectors. One of the advantages of frugal innovation is that we can create a technology that would otherwise have disappeared.

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