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How difficult ○○ is.

Recently, I had an interesting class about sustainable energy. It was a university class, and a teacher explained which sustainable energy was used or would be used in Japan for the future. I was interested in why sustainable energy was still not introduced even though there were enough natural resources in Japan. There is some bottom cause of emotion, I think.

In the class, the teacher introduced different kinds of methods to produce electric power mentioning the danger of nuclear power generation. According to him, geothermal heat is the most promising way in Japan, because there are many suitable places. However, where the geothermal heat can be introduced are also the tourist places that rely on a hot spring. It is challenging to convince local people to use the hot water produced by the earth as a resource, even if there is some scientific evidence which shows it is unnecessary to worry about depletion of hot water.

People feel fear that is not resolved by theory.

People like to stay in the same situation, because they know it is good enough and there is no point to change it.

Changing is always fearful, because it might end up with undesirable results.

I have also experienced it before. I always choose the same things in the supermarket.


How do we change? How are we more fearless?

There are some tips that I have learned.


1 Write down possible troubles

2 Write down possible troubles caused by not changing things or minds

3 Write down the aid that will help me when undesirable situation happens

4 Think how I will feel if I don’t change now after 3 years from now

Actually, I used it when I started to apply for an internship. For me, the fearness was whether I could manage an internship and study, because I have to prepare for an English exam to apply for the university in the UK in order to study abroad.

However, thanks to that, I can challenge new things now.

I think the method is useful to convince new customers to take part in a new project.

1 Think about a possible customer’s trouble

2 Think about a possible customer’s trouble caused by them not changing things

3 Think the aid that will help them

4 Think how they feel if they don’t change after 3 years

Changing is always difficult, moreover, changing someone’s behavior is unrealistic.

I think the most important thing to change someone’s behavior is to feel someone’s fear as if I were that person.

I hope this method will be helpful for me when I meet potential clients and someone who reads this article in the future.

Have you ever overcome a fear?

How did you deal with it?

Please teach me.

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