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Helping Farmer Tackling Climate Change

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Su-re.coffe crowdfunding has been ended in the beginning of 2019. Following up this fundraising, team started to actualize the program in installing biogas digester for local farmers, building capacity of farmers to adapt climate change and help them to market their product.

Introducing to the World 

In order to introduce project to a larger audience, the founder of—Dr. Takeshi Takama joined a public talk in bioeconomy at Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry in Stockholm, Sweden on June 13, 2019. At the session, Takeshi spoke about which is a green business based on EC TRANSrisk and Green Win with Stockholm Environment Institute and Udayana University. Project in Action

As the follow up action of project, last month, team started to be busy in actualizing this project.  We installed a biogas digester that was supported by Montessori School for coffee farmer in Bajawa, Flores, East Nusa Tenggara.  The team also observed the coffee farm of Pak Darius who is part of coffee cooperation where our comes from.

During the su-re.cofee crowdfunding, the backers from around the world also had a chance to support this program by ordering coffee from local farmers. Then, few days after the public talk, started to ship the coffee beans to Europe and America. We are keen to deliver the delightful coffee from Indonesia to the world.

Another Biogas Digester Installed in North Bali 

Following the project implementation in Flores, team installed one more biogas digester for local farmer in Candi Kuning, Bedugul which is located in Northen part of Bali on June 13, 2019. Team from work together with Bapak Made Subamia who grows vegetables on his farm land to install this digester. Although the day was raining, we kept eager to help farmer to get better access to clean energy. However, as the lesson learned from the previous installations, the problem in installing biogas digester was in the maintenance therefore we would like to make sure the farmer can take care of the biogas digester. During the installation, our team also explained to the farmer about how to feed the digester and to maintain it to make sure the biogas digester works well. 

We are also going to prepare for the next installation for local farmers around Bali and Indonesia as a real action to reduce carbon emission that causes climate change on earth. Stay updated! 

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