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Goodbye whiteboard. Welcome hundreds online platforms!

Hi All, Amanda here from Think team!

As some of you are probably facing right now, brainstorming ideas virtually can be quite challenging and time-consuming. When we meet in person, whiteboard and post-it are the perfect solutions to gather everyone's input at the same time and can be followed up on the spot. However, virtual interaction does not capture the same attention and effort as the physical meeting does – causing the virtual brainstorming session to be full of silence and blend or noisy with overlapping conversation and overtime. Do you face these same issues? Don't worry! Allow me to share some hidden gems of interactive live engagement tools!

For the last couple of months, has held so many online events I already lost count, starting from Instagram Live, Zoom Webinars, and several international formal workshops. Throughout the preparation of all of these events, I have explored multiple online platforms that support virtual engagements through live QnA, polling, fun quizzes and direct feedback.

Around twenty tools that I dig out of the internet world, let me share with you the best three!

1. Airmeet: is a virtual conference platform that could also be used for a virtual office with different rooms. "What is the difference with the Zoom then?" you may ask. Well because it operates as a conference, it has a dedicated social lounge for all, a backstage for host and speakers and a webinar view. One new fun feature is the Speed Networking which is well suited for virtual icebreakers activity! in, we use

airmeet as our virtual office. Each tank has its own room for its giftmakers, where they can check in with their team on the spot - just like in a office. Tak, as the host, can gather all the giftmakers by starting the session. We also plan to do utilize for our online events, so get ready for to (air)meet you Check it out more here

2. Slido: is a live polling tool that is perfect for online webinars and training. It has feature from live polling, word cloud, rating, and QnA witch such easy interface for participants and the host. In, slido is really useful for gather questions for participants during webinars in Indonesia, getting feedbacks from all the participants and short icebreakers in the beginning. As a host, I also find the analysis report and infographics at the end really helpful because it would improve the next online events, in terms of which engagement features collected most engagements. Check out more of it here!

3. Quizizz: last but not least is quizizz - a live interactive quiz platform that is perfect for ice breaker with training students. Online training can be quite boring if it is a full listening and discussion session for two hours... this platform is a perfect spark to wake everyone up during a long session. It basically operates like a time bound pop quiz in a physical classroom, where each participant have their score and ranked at the end. utilize quizizz usually for online events to select winners of our and su-re.cocoa products giveaways! Students and younger participants are the most suitable participants to utilize the platform because of its interface that integrates funny memes after picking answers.

There are infinite amounts of online tools that you can find on the internet to hold a virtual brainstorm, icebreakers and webinar sessions. I still find the good old whiteboard helpful for personal brainstorming. These three are the most effective and engaging platforms that I found here supporting think-do-be activities – I hope you find it helpful and useful in the near future!

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