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Gift Maker Experiences – Martin Simon

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

“I think is really interesting because it allows you to take a lot of responsibilities in the different tasks you undertake and you can really see the outcome your action and show the result of your achievement.” – Martin Simon.

In September 2019, welcomed its brand new intern from the UK, Martin Simon. He is currently finishing his Master of Sciences degree in International Business and Enterprise at the University of South Wales in Cardiff, UK. 


While interviewed at our office, Martin said that he aims at gaining practical experience and knowledge on the implementation of sustainable solutions as a Green Business Developer intern at”I wanted to do an internship in a developing country to support local communities the project really catches my attention and how it includes a lot of environmental and social issues into one project. I wanted to gain experience in the development of sustainable business and how to implement these activities on the local and environmental scale” he said.

Your experience as a Green Business Developer

Developing coffee and chocolate product is the basic responsibility of a green business developer of Martin also helped maintain relationships with partners as well as prospecting new partners. He also did a great job of taking care of the overall management of the operations and supporting other teams like installing biogas digester in 2 different places.

What did you learn from your internship?

“I learn how to develop green business model and to promote sustainable practices for commercial application and for selling products” he answered.  Martin also highlighted about the circular economy system of that he thinks itis a really good circular economy system and a good example for sustainable economic growth.“I really recommend the internship at because you get to do a lot of things with the high responsibilities so it is really fulfilling professionally wise and you really see the outcomes that are coming from your actions” he closed.

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