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From online interview to live tour experience

Hi, all it's Maya!

I'd like to share with you all what I've been doing in the last two weeks (in December) with TigerMOV Japan and Shohei High School for online ACT Batch 3!

As you've read from my previous post,, we are hosting online training called the online ACT as a way to share some of our knowledge with the youths. Participants get to experience Bali and solve real-world problems online.

Surely, we are not able to do this alone, as we collaborate with various NGOs that really inspired me to be a part of this program. I want to introduce you all to the NGOs that we invited to this online program, such as MALU DONG, Bye Bye Plastics, Lengis Hijau, and Urban Compost.


We found MALU DONG posters and flags everywhere in Bali. We contacted the founder of MALU DONG Community to get to know their activities and their movement. Well known as Komang B’Mo, the founder of MALU DONG (Indonesian way of saying "it's embarrassing" or "you should be embarrassed) started this movement in 2009. Through MALU DONG, he wanted to educate, to build a new mentality, and to change the behavior of locals to be responsible for the waste that they produced. They've held a beach clean up every week before the pandemic, a big music festival, and a cliff clean-up. Until now, about 10,000 people have joined their activities.

The most interesting thing about this community is how they can spread the movement and campaign by distributing MALU DONG’s logo through flags everywhere around Bali. We are so lucky to be able to collaborate with MALU DONG and invite the founder to share the story of MALU DONG to our SDGs training program and online event.

Bye Bye Plastic Bags

As we work with NGOs and before the pandemic, we used to join the beach clean up activity held by Bye Bye Plastic Bags. We also heard about this community through posters and social media.

Once, we joined BALI’S BIGGEST CLEAN UP 2020 and registered as a coordinator of Seseh Beach. At that time, we have been in contact with Bye Bye Plastic Bags members to prepare for the event. We were updated on information about Bye Bye Plastic Bags activities from the group community.

From there, we saw some similarities to what we do. We became interested to invite Bye Bye Plastic Bags as a guest speaker to talk about waste management and issues in our SDGs training program. On the other hand, by the background and success of Bye Bye Plastic Bags in organizing events and campaigns, we also wanted Bye Bye Plastic Bags to inspire our students from Japan and Indonesia who participate in the SDGs training program, to know how to spread the campaign and contribute directly to overcome the environmental problems.

Since then, we still get support from Bye Bye Plastic Bags as our guest speaker and they motivate the students to contribute and spread these good initiatives.

Lengis Hijau

Lengis Hijau is a foundation that provides services for the utilization of used cooking oil. Lengis Hijau collaborates with several restaurants, cafes, homes, organizations, and institutions, one of them is Green School Bali. Lengis Hijau focuses on processing used cooking oil into biodiesel. In our workshop, Lengis Hijau also told us an alternative solution for processing used cooking oil into wax and soap.

That’s our first collaboration with Lengis Hijau and we gained a lot of new information from the director, Pak Endra Setyawan. Hope we can invite Lengis Hijau to our next event.

Urban Compost

We met Urban Compost a few weeks ago. We initially wanted to collaborate as part of our research projects funded by the European Commission called Landmarc, as we need a small-scale compost facility in Bali. We visited the field and was inspired to hear how Mas Buya, the founder, started this project on his own. I thought it was inspiring how much he struggled on his own to be the compost collector, manager, and CEO at the same time just so he can minimize the amount of organic waste dumped in the landfill. Because of this, I gave the students of online Act a tour by visiting the field last week. It was messy but fun!

I am very grateful to be a host for this event. I feel satisfied to see the students grow within two weeks, to understand the local problems better, and to feel more confident in tackling world problems.

I hope you would be able to participate in our program in the future!

Happy New Year!! ^^

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