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Fellowship of Sustainability and Resilience of Bio-energy for Climate Change

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

After conducted the International Workshop in Bali, is pleased to invite the participants to be part of The Fellowship of Sustainability and Resilience of Bio-energy for Climate Change.

It was initiated by the Executive Director at Indonesia Climate Change Trust Fund (ICCTF) during the first International Workshop of Sustainability and Resilience of Bio-energy for Climate Change which is co-hosted by a consortium; ICCTF (Indonesia Climate Change Trust Fund), EC (European Comission) Green-Win project, EC TransRisk project, and Sustainability and Resilience ( This event was held between 11th and 13th May 2016.

The concept of a fellowship aims at facilitate us to exchange knowledge, ideas, and experiences and discuss the challenges of bio energy. We will also interact on bioenergy related Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) including climate change adaptation and mitigation, poverty alleviation, health issues with sanitation and indoor house pollution. is nominated as the secretary of the fellowship next three years and coordinate fund raising and resource management on behalf of all fellows.

As such, this social network seeks to enable close collaborations amongst participants worldwide meeting at the Annual International Workshop in Bali. Our objective is for this platform to be an interactive forum where we can share activities, prospecting ideas, practical knowledge, and experiences on bio-energy and green economy from various actors; both public and private sector. With a first attempt of gathering 37 individuals that attended our International Workshop, this community is willing to expand along the next green projects.

This fellowship aims to collaborate with The Center of Excellence (CoE) for Clean Energy in Indonesia, which was launched at the Bali Clean Energy Forum (BCEF) in February 2016.

The consortium will be submitting a draft of the final report of the project within the month and also that we are already working on scheduling the next year International Workshop, to be informed to the fellows.

We also expect for more support and we are looking forward to hearing from you in Facebook group and Google group.

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