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[Experience] A huge thanks to everyone!

Hi everyone! This is Miku from Do-Business team! Actually, this is my last blog because I will finish my internship by the end of this month. I will really miss! Today I would like to write about what I appreciate working at

~Appreciation for members~

Actually, I had never experienced business activities (I mean working at the company as an intern) before I entered So, at first, I did not know what I should do and was nervous to work using English. However, I can get used to doing business and working with English culture because the members in really supported me in many situations. For example, when I asked questions or feedback, they gladly told me the answer to the questions or advice for what I had made. Also, even though my English sentences were sometimes broken, I could communicate with my true heart because they were trying to understand what I would like to say with a kindful mind. Not only current working staff and interns but also alumni of helped me a lot when I held the online event such as giving me advice for the event poster and slide contents. Now, I am feeling that so many people at support and encourage me and I really want to say thank you to all of them.

~Appreciation for culture~

Before entering, I was kind of worrier and high-risk aversion, so I tended to hesitate to challenge new things. But, here, I can have the mind to try many things which are new for me. For business activities, at first, I was a little bit nervous to approach customers by sending messages, but now I can feel more fun connecting with outsiders because I was inspired by the culture of trying new things. If I would not have and take the opportunity to work at with this culture, I would not know the importance of connecting to customers or business partners and learning the perspectives of sellers, producers, suppliers, and customers. Also, through new challenges for me, I made mistakes and tried to learn from them. From it, I can grow up myself. So, I really appreciate what provided me with such a precious chance.

~What I would like to do in the future from the experience at

Here, I could learn a lot of things not only about business but also how to cooperate with other members no matter what we have different backgrounds. I will apply what I have learned at into different activities and keep making the effort for my future career. Also, I would like to give back this appreciation to future members. If they are struggling, I would like to help them as I was supported by my team members.

To end, I really appreciate all of! See you again!

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31 mag 2021

Thank you, Miku for your support!

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