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Even More Documents!: Journey of our FIRST EXPORT pt. 3

Hi all, Maya from the do-business and be-event team. As promised, I will continue my series: Journey of our FIRST EXPORT.

This time I will finish explaining the remaining documents you need to prepare, so, I’ll jump into it:

Certificate of Origin (COO) In our case, the Japanese government requires a certificate of origin (COO) from the production country (Indonesia). When you want to export something, especially raw material goods, you have to have detailed information from the producer, so the logistic company will help you with this COO document.

Then, what else should you ask the logistic company? the stuffing date, departure date, vessel number, container number, and estimate arrival to Kobe.

the container

As you can see, here is the example of the shipping time schedule:

Vessel/Voy: Bangkok Bridge/110 ETD SUB: 30-01-2021 ETA Kobe: 18-02-2021 Stuffing Date: 25 Jan 2021

What is SUB?

It is Surabaya (a city in East Java, Indonesia). Bali does not have an international port and the closest one is in Surabaya, so, we sent it there.

After we receive the container and seal number, we have to immediately update it to the import company (in our case in Japan). The import company has to fulfill some documents from the custom-clearance/government in order to receive all goods safely from us ^^.

Once the logistic company gives the container and seal number, it indicates that they have the container ready to ship all your goods.

The stuffing process needs a whole day. If I can breakdown the process it includes: 1) packing goods into several packages with the plastic pallets (I explained it on my last blog about the plastic pallets), 2) the stuffing itself, 3) check the temperature and vent, until we close and seal the container.

As I mentioned above, it needs 5 days to depart to Surabaya. Yes, it was longer than we expected.

checking all the documents


After the stuffing process, the container has to be checked to custom-clearance in Bali for the documents, goods, and container, then, after they arrived, the Surabaya logistic company’s partner will also check everything.

So, as you can imagine, it is quite stressful to also manage the process outside Bali. I learned how to communicate effectively with all these companies because they do not want to create a WhatsApp group together. I cannot miss one single document! Thankfully, I have an amazing team that can help double-check each document. And so with patience and persistence, all will be well!

That’s all for today!

Next week, I will explain the detailed process of packing, stuffing, check the temperature and vent, until the container is sealed.

Thank you for reading my blog and stay safe! :)

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