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[Drawing] My note and pen for meetings and sketching

Amanda, one of our staff, wrote a blog about her hobby, the guitar.

I've recently taken a liking to sketch with a fountain pen. Lately, I've been using a sketchbook with no lines as a notepad for meetings. I can sketch with the same fountain pen and notebook that I use to take notes at meetings to have a chance for a quick break. If you are in a boring meeting, you can have a break during the conference too (^^;)

When I bought this fountain pen, it didn't write well, but it draws very smoothly after pushing the nib to spread it out. Fountain pens, unlike ballpoint pens, do not produce disposable waste if the ink is aspirated. You have to keep the cap on to prevent the ink from drying out, but the writing experience is many times better than with a biro, whether you're taking notes at a meeting or making a sketch. By the way, I bought this brass fountain pen at Tokopadia for $5, so I guess it is better than a biro financially.

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