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Do our best straight towards goals!

Hi! I’m Miku from Do-Business team!

Today, I would like to talk about the idea of achieving goals.

When I watched one of the TEDx Talks about learning languages and speak them very well, I thought the tips or ideas on this video can be only applied to the situation of communicating with others at that time.

The TEDx Talks introduced us that there are two types of communicating person. The first type is those who are trying to explain all things including regardless of things to the topic, but the other one is just explaining about the topic with simple words and much confidence. The speaker said that the important point is we need to not focus on ourselves but on the other person and the results want to achieve when we try to learn new languages (TEDx Talks, 2017).

However, these days, I realized that the ideas of the TEDx Talks will be somehow associated with achieving goals. I have been spending busy life recently and actually, I used to misunderstand that I could do everything equally like a robot, but it is literally impossible and I understood my capability to work on tasks because I am not able to catch up with each task and cannot do them effectively.

From the TEDx Talks, now my situation is like focusing just on myself and I am afraid that I cannot achieve anything equally, so trying to do everything adding no meaningful things or without an objective point of view. So, I would like to go straight toward achieving goals with clear prioritized steps with much confidence in what I am doing. Also, in, we also have the corporate culture that we understand the own and other’s tasks by using some platforms. I learn that what I am doing at as the corporate culture can be practiced in the tasks such as studying at University and

During the COVID-19 pandemic situation, some of you might have similar feelings to me, so I hope they can handle the situations making the purpose of activities clear and paying attention to them for the achievement of goals.


TEDx Talks. (2017, May 11). Learning a language? Speak it like you’re playing a video game Pascal. Youtube.

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Very good Ted Talk! Was expecting generic language learning tips, but learned more about utility > perfection. Thanks!

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