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Do Less : A not-to-do list

Hey all amanda here. As you may know. I organize the monthly retreats here. I have organized 7 to be precise! They varied quite a lot, from reshaping our vision to having an appreciation moment for all the giftmakers. Now I’m gonna give a sneak peek for tomorrow.

What else could we do if we’re already at the eigth retreat?? Well if you’re running out of ideas then you’re probably not reflecting enough. Last month’s focus was evaluation. This month, the focus is on effort and output.

Our CEO noticed thay we may be exerting a lot of energy without receiving a proportional output. One way of saying, we may not be focusing our energy on the right things. As I wrote in my blog once, we try to work smart - maximize ouput and minimize input. Funniest enough the core problem may actually be the to-do list that we create. We may think it’s productive, but without the right reflection, we may be walking aimlessly.

Which is why, tomorrow’s retreat will be focused on creating a not-to-do list. That’s right, have you ever made one before? Neither have I. I think this really fits our impressionism philosophy of moving away from the things that don’t resonate with us. In this time, many of us try to juggle and multitask different activities, which in my case sometime I only end up working too hard but finishing half way for all the task. So, in this retreat we will identify what-not-to through an excercise where individuals decide which daily task or activities bring the most value or contribute the most in the achievement, and minimize others that not included in that lists. You may refer to that short exercise from the author, Kate Northup here!

Thanks for reading! I’ll let you know our outcome in my next week’s blog. Meanwhile, drop a comment of something that may be in your not-to-do list!

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we have to make not-to-do-list or rule ;-)

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