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Developing Composting Project in Bali with Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

In actualizing projects, usually collaborates with other companies as well as organizations from around the world. This year, will be focusing on implementing project especially for do-tank and the be-tank projects. One of the do-tank project is the composting which collaborate with JICA.

Meeting with JICA and MPH

Meeting with JICA and MPH at office

JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) is one of’s partners on composting project in Bali. JICA has a branch in Jakarta, Indonesia and the team comes to Bali every month. On January 29th, JICA team came to office discussing about the problem of waste management. JICA team met with Merah Putih Hijau (MPH)– an NGO working on waste management in Bali. Merah Putih Hijau shared their experiences and problems in implementing the better waste management system in Pererenan Village. JICA also showed some videos of best practices for composting project based on their experience in Japan in other places.

During the discussion, they shared ideas and insight to solve those problems. Then, Merah Putih Hijau team also facilitated and JICA to visit their waste management site in Pererenan Village. The location of the waste management site is next to the BUMDes (Village’s Owned Enterprises), around 5 minutes driving from office. On that 100 meter x 60 meter of land, the waste from the whole village is processed. The village is also planning to upgrade the composting building.

Visiting composting site at Pererenan Village

The interesting thing with MPH composting project is that they are working together with the local in Banjar (village community). So, not only working on the waste reduction, they also educate people to make them aware about the waste problem and do something.

Visiting Temesi Recycling Site

Moreover, Merah Putih Hijau suggested to visit landfill in Temesi, Gianyar since this landfill has a good system of composting. Then, on February 24th the JICA team along with visited Temesi Landfill in Gianyar, Bali. This landfill owned composting site named “Temesi Recycling”. According to their  website, Temesi can produce up to 16 tons compost per day. It is a huge number of beneficial waste instead of pilling up the waste until it becomes a mountain of waste on the land.  

After visiting 2 composting sites and sharing idea and information with MPH team, JICA team got more insight about the challenges of composting site in Bali and what is the possible way to solve the problem. Moreover, JICA is also seeking an opportunity if it's possible to implement their machine on the composting site.

If this project successful, it would be such a great help to reduce the wastes in Bali. Because at the moment, the majority of waste management in Bali or Indonesia does not do any separation with the organic and an-organic waste.

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