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Dear Mai in the future

This is my first blog post as an intern in

In this post, I will write about why I applied for a green business internship and the goal which I want to achieve throughout this opportunity. It would be like a “letter” for the future when my internship ends.

Why I apply for the internship

Actually, it is difficult to write all the reasons, because there are too many to explain in this short context. However, I chose the two reasons that are placed on the top two of my reasons.

I love nature

Do you think it is a boring reason? Yes, it is simple, but I love nature and I want to contribute to protecting nature. I grew up surrounded by trees, and I played and went to the mountains with my grandmother in my childhood. My mind was growing subconsciously.

Being a person giving values for both nature and people

Values...It is difficult to define, but for me, I have my own definition of that.

Firstly, for nature, being kind is my definition. I cannot make any tools to protect nature by myself, but I can contribute to making tools in a different approach such as getting new customers and making money to install the biogas digesters. Moreover, to be kind toward nature, I need to learn and understand that, because without knowing, it is impossible to deal with any problems that nature has.

Secondly, for people, I think giving values is equivalent to becoming a person who is sought, which means many people want to meet again. To become that person, I need to learn good communication skills which are helpful for my future when I make good connections.

Fortunately, I also can become a person giving the benefit (value) directly to the local people living in Indonesia by helping them expand the market.

These are part of my reasons, and to become that person I mentioned above, I have five goals.

  • Getting Japanese to know about and making long term relationship

  • Getting marketing skills

  • Becoming a good communicator

  • Acquiring deep knowledge about the environment

  • Working effectively

For the future Mai, have you accomplished the goals that you decided on 10/6/2020?

I hope you will become a different person compared to now.

Do you have a "letter" for your future? What do you want to tell You in the future?

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