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[Daydream believer] Coolest vertical garden I might have missed the point, but I still want ;-)

A much-delayed agricultural project is finally going to start running (I hope). The delaying project was conceived three years ago, and one of the project's mottos was "Let's make farming cool again! It sounds a bit like President Donald Trump's "Make the United States Great Again", but that's beside the point! The soon-to-be-launched project aims to use the latest technology from the fourth industrial revolution to help farmers become more efficient. It will be one of the DeepTechs I wrote about before, or as some may call it, Agri-Tech. I'm also working on a project to use a blockchain to trade carbon emissions, so even if the corona pandemic dies down, I'll be spending a lot of time sitting in front of a computer ticking away.

A while back the Time Magazine did a feature on the good innovations in 2020, last year. I wasn't surprised to see so many sustainability-related innovations, as you can't open a magazine, from a financial magazine to a surfing magazine, and not see the word "sustainability". However, there was a lot more innovation in agriculture than I expected. I'm hoping to do some agriculture and tech projects this year, so here is the innovation I'd most like to make.

Gardyn is a tabletop mini gardening set, but you can make your own similar vertical hydroponics, and I think there have been craft kits like this before. Apart from being a bit cool, what's new is the automation and subscription mechanism. I looked into the vertical hydroponics system because I'm planning to make one myself. I don't think the water and fertiliser part is that difficult. The core part is the adjustment of the light and the notification of the harvest time using a camera. The company automated this part to put you this $800-pot on your table and tell you when the vegetables are ready to eat. I think you should be able to see the vegetables by yourself on your table and harvest it. Still, I've heard that many children have never seen a vegetable grown from seed, so I'm probably missing out on a market opportunity. I'm going to use the idea of distributing seeds on a subscription basis in my Ogakuzu Compost business!

Time magazine has lots of other stuff that looks interesting, so I'll introduce another innovation later in the month if I feel like it!

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