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Coming Soon, the Second Treehouse!Coming Soon, the Second Treehouse!

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Have you been staying in a treehouse? 

Someone ever said staying in a treehouse is her dream, and our first treehouse makes her dream come true! Since the launch of our first treehouse at the beginning of 2019, some people have enjoyed staying in this green building as well as can learn about sustainable projects of

“Incredibly cozy! If you’re into the tiny house vibes you’ll love this treehouse. It was also great to learn about some of the research they were doing on-site towards sustainability. Note that the house isn’t alone on the property. There’s the research area below the treehouse and everything’s on an enclosed property. It doesn’t take away from it but just something to know. Lovely place!”–Ziad, one of our guest in July 2019.

A new treehouse will be launched soon! 

Did you know? Since November 2019, we have been starting another treehouse project at our office. When you passed by our office, you can see this tiny building on the front side of our office. We are working together with the carpenters to build this green building. Adopting the same concept from the first treehouse, this building will be made of used material, from wood, stairs, and lamps. The design was made by our CEO, Takeshi Takama, and is inspired by the architecture of ‘Jineng’ or a place to store rice and crops in Balinese architecture. 

What makes it unique 

Every project at has its own story. Same as the first treehouse, the wood that we use to build the second one was also part of a broken boat that was found by Takeshi of during the coffee and cacao project in Sulawesi. One thing that is different from the first treehouse is that this tiny building is completed by huge stairs! Lucky us to get this used stairs from an old surf store in Bali! Some of us may be familiar with these stairs, the surf store is quite popular!

Apart from the building, we also consider the wastewater management system to make sure it is environmentally friendly. Using the same system as our office, this building is designed to have a bio septic tank that will be doing treatment to the wastewater before it goes to the environment. 

We are very excited to finish the construction of the second treehouse and we hope it can help promote sustainability within society!

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