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Coffee and Sustainability

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

“Both coffee and cacao are affected by climate change. We really need to work on climate change issue in coffee and cacao sector but at the same time, coffee and cacao has also a lot of potentials” – Takeshi Takama, Founder and CEO of

Coffee is a very potential product to be developed in Indonesia, including Bali. Bon Village in  Plaga Sub-District is one of a neighborhood where coffee grows well. The fresh air and beautiful scenery make this land such a treasure on the island of God. It is where DiBon Coffee Project started their project.

The Story of DiBon in Bringing Sustainable Solutions to Bon Community

DiBon Coffee Project is one of our partners on the field to implement sustainable solutions in  Plaga. “When we start the harvesting process in our farm, women were paid less than men,” said Miguel, DiBon Coffee team. Started from this problem, they wanted to create an equal situation among men and women. They try to hire women as many as possible to harvest, pay them as same as the men so everybody in Bon village can get a better livelihood. They also contribute to the earth by implementing the organic system on their farm.

“We try to do everything organic and all-natural using minimum machinery and energy as possible. We have cows in our farm, we take manure from the cow, and we make natural fertilizer to give to our farm,“ said Yuki, DiBon Coffee team. x DiBon has been partnering with DiBon to solve sustainable issues, especially in Bon village. built capacity of farmers through climate field school and installed biogas digesters for Bon community. Pak Selamat, was the first farmer that we met in Bon Village, he is also the lead farmer of DiBon Coffee Project.

“It is interesting, really practical and inexpensive to implement to our farm and the surrounding farms,” said Yuki.

Takeshi, the Founder and  CEO of added that coffee can give positive impact on climate change through agroforestry, diverse for income, and create a microclimate to cool down the environment.

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