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Happy Monday Everyone! Amanda is here from the Think-team

In one of Instagram Live events titled "How to be a think-do-be company", Fabian, who represented at that time, explained about vision, mission and values. What is most interesting for viewers was business model – where we apply our research to support farmers through installation of biogas and conducting climate field school by allocating percentage of our and su-re.cocoa sales. Then, at the end of the discussion, one of the viewers ask in the comment box "why farmers? everyone in Bali is affected by the climate change. why particularly chose to provide support for farmers?"

At that moment, we responded that not only that agriculture was one of the main expertise of CEO and the think team, but core motivation of think-do-be tank was also inspired by vulnerability study of local farmers in South Africa, which says:

"Don't just study, do something!", so one our action is to support farmers who are vulnerable to climate change. But the story does not end there! After digging deeper, I found my view of reason and purpose to the question of "why farmers?".

My answer is because climate change is unfair. Those who are contributed the least to the problem are bearing most of the impacts. Farmers who account for thirty percent of Indonesian population and core of nation's food supply chain, are significantly impacted climate change due to rising temperatures and decreasing rainfall. For people who work in a city, rising temperature may have been solved with Air Conditioner in a building or car, and change in rain patterns probably mean just change in work schedule. But for farmers, major decreases in rainfall in dry season could significantly impact food crops’ production, which would impact their income and living condition, and eventually if it worsen, it will disrupt the nation food security that would impact the whole population – and all of these severe climate change are uncertain and worrisome for farmers. However, fear will not be the motivation for a long term sustainable change that we need to fix this issue. What we need is a rational vision and practical solutions.

This is why we envision work as gift for the earth. We, as a being on this planet, continue to craft scientifically proven well intentioned gifts for other beings and the earth, which endlessly provide for us. How about the practical solutions? Well, there is no silver bullet to climate change issue, but there are simple solutions that could generate effective result. This is where it circles back to business model! We apply our research to support farmers through installation of biogas and conducting climate field school by allocating percentage of our and su-re.cocoa sales. Climate field school educate farmers to synergise Climate Smart Agriculture and affordable renewable energy, through biogas, with circular businesses of producing commodities for our and products.

That is a snippet story of our gift for the earth, what is your gift for the earth?

share yours in comment section! or if you're still brainstorming, have a sip of with you ;)

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