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Can you become a boyfriend/girlfriend of no meat culture?

Hello, I am Mai from green business development.

Today, I will talk about veganism and vegetarianism in Japan.

What do you think about people who chose not to eat meat? Maybe, in other countries, many people think this; “it is their choice, so that is not my business.” However, in Japan, veganism and vegetarianism are not common yet, in other words, people who don’t eat meat are sometimes thought of as a kind of the special.

But why is there such a difference?

I guess one of the reasons is our preference. Many Japanese people don’t like being different from other people, which means being the same is important for most of us because they might dislike to be disturbed. It sounds boring, doesn’t it?

But, it is the traditional Japanese mindset that many people have.

Back to veganism and vegetarianism, I think most people think the new food custom to be something strange because they are not familiar with it. Thus, they might consider those who don't eat meat as strange.

I think Japanese need to be more adaptable and we need to be willing to accept various cultures. (to be a boyfriend or girlfriend of different cultures...)

So, from now on I decide to be that person, but I know it is difficult to change my mindset quickly.

How do I become a more flexible person? How do I become a person who is willing to accept different cultures?

This is the list that I will try next month

  • Study other cultures

  • Find differences from me(Japan)

  • Find a reason

  • Correct and share it

Do you have any specific cultures?

Please teach me in the comment section!

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