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Hi! My name is Erina, Japanese intern from business team.

I’m currently studying at Hosei University and I have been joining this intern program from japan for 4 months.

I will tell a short story of myself.

(Picture I took 2020/12/31, you can see the Tokyo tower, Sky tree, Rainbow bridge at the same time)

I found when the road to study in France using Uni scholarship was closed due to covid-19. During the first ‘stay home’ period, I was just taking my regular University classes online and I felt really bored to just sit and listen to the lectures.

Of course, I love studying, but I wanted to spend the time effectively to do something that would give me a great impact. Moreover, since I am studying international development, I wanted to do a business related to development studies.

Before joining as a business intern, I had never touched ‘business’.

I had never done

①Market research.

②Touching proposals which is related to my major in University(just a bit)

③Communicating with clients

④Managing online event

⑤Managing trade

⑥Creating new market for the products

⑦Even joining meeting using English, etc.. and Gift makers have provided the best environment for me to challenge myself to those activities in just 4 months. If I wouldn't join and worked as an intern for a company in Japan, the manager will never let an average university student like me to do those kind of activities. I am so lucky to have found

I really have been enjoying this intern project and very honored to join as a Gift maker. The program gave me the confidence to think that I can basically do anything by the tips of Think-Do-Be.

For the next step, I hope we can start the sales successfully in Japan in a few weeks.


Giftmakers in Japan, please look forward!

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