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[biogas] Falling faster than the world!

Lachlan Harris's father used to live in Bali and has visited my office, so I was delighted to read his article on ATEC, where he works.

ATEC started out with biogas digester business from Cambodia but has expanded into much of South East Asia. In recent years, they have created a prepaid energy supply programme, PAYGO, which has further accelerated the deployment speed. I admire their speed. I thought ATEC was the most successful biogas company in South East Asia, but to see them start an electric stove business that is destroying their own business is a genuinely WOW inspiration!

Just this morning, I was talking to a member of staff in about how we can't stop the world from falling and it's accelerating. We have to fall faster than it's accelerating. Globalisation is unstoppable. We can't stop the progress of technology. We cannot go back to the forest to collect nuts and end our lives. Humans will continue to push for convenience and create more and more innovations. I can't imagine that we will voluntarily become nostalgic and forget about this globalisation and technology.

The speed of change in the world will continue to increase, just as things are attracted to gravity and fall faster and faster. We have to fall faster than that. So there is no time for nostalgia.

Rather than sticking with the already successful biogas business, ATEC has decided that by 2030, even in developing countries, the demand for energy for cooking will change from LPG to electric stoves. It's the same way Apple didn't hesitate to kill the iPod, the music player with the spinning wheel that was so easy to use, with the iPhone.

I've been writing a lot lately about how Apple and ATEC, having discovered a truth that only a few people know, have not hesitated to start new businesses, even if it means killing their own. also started this year to educate people about sustainability using virtual reality augmented reality. We are also creating a system to manage biogas data with automation and share this information with the blockchain.

We must always look for the truth that only we know, and we must fall faster than the world that is falling at an accelerated rate. What will come next?

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