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[biogas] COVID19 will not stop IKEA biogas digesters!

This weekend we were supposed to go to Java to introduce biogas samples to a facility. Due to various reasons, we did not go to Java. When you go from Bali to Java, you need a certificate that tested negative for coronavirus within 72 hours. When you return to Bali from Java, you need a certificate that you have tested negative for coronavirus within 48 hours. Therefore, unless you have travelled super fast, you will need to have another test in Java to prove that you have not had the coronavirus. If you test positive at that time, you will be confined to Java for a fortnight. We do not know when the authority will restrict the travel between Java and Bali because of the increasing trend of corona again. Because of this, it is probably best to stay in Bali for now. Strangely, I have not left Bali for more than a year and a half now.

This is the situation for now.

We are making the samples that we were supposed to introduce.

We are testing them for gas leaks.

As we did not know when we would go to Java, we decided to send one of the samples by post. Our biogas system can be sent to the site as a complete unit and is ready for operation once the pipes are connected. So I would describe our biogas system as the IKEA of the biogas world!

Shipping now!!

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