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Bali's Biggest Clean Up at Echo Beach

Hi, Okta's here! I'm from DO-Business Team🙋🏽‍♀️. This time I will share my experience joining Bali's Biggest Clean Up, an activity initiated by ByeByePlasticBag. Who doesn't know ByeByePlasticBag? A community founded by 2 passionate girls which inspire a lot of young people across the world. You can watch their TEDTalk here.

Last week, we got a chance to collaborate with them and held Bali's Biggest Clean Up (BBCU) at Echo Beach, Canggu. We thought probably it's only 4 of us (Fabian, Liana, Maya and me) who will do this since all members are working remotely, but we posted an invitation poster in our social media, in case our followers probably in Bali and wants to join. Hehehe 2 people of our followers in Instagram interested to come! Also we invited Ayu, another hidden figure that help us a lot in We started BBCU at 16.30 and spread individually to pick up trash around the beach. Unexpectedly, a couple of strangers interested to join us as well. Yeayyy, we are a group of 12 people who were very enthusiastic to clean up the beach😁

All Participants of BBCU

We spent in total 1.5 hour to collect the trash and most of them consist of bottle cap, cigarette butts, plastic straw and other type of plastics. We need another 30 minutes to sort the trash into some groups and separately put them inside different trash bag. Finally, the representative from Sungai Watch came to take our collected trash with them to continue the waste management process in their place. I hope all of these pictures below can remind you to always choose reducing rather than anything.

We Sorted All Trash

The Sun Set Over The Ocean

Finally, our day ended beautifully by the mesmerizing sunset moment. I just realized that the best part of the sunset is not when the sun has gone away completely, but while it is going down and casting vivid colors across the sky. I will see you in the next blog! Thank you 😉👋🏽

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