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[Bali life] Rubbish on the beach and longboarding

The weather has been good for a few days now for the rainy season. There seems a lot of rubbish on the beach. It's a terrible thing to get used to, and if I don't watch the video again, I forget that there's rubbish on the beach. During the rainy season in Bali, it rains a lot, and there is a lot of rubbish on the beach. After the rains, there is a lot of rubbish on the beach and also a lot of them near the river mouth, so I think the rubbish is coming from the inland area of Bali through the river. However, there is also a possibility that the rubbish is coming from Java because of the strong westerly wind during the rainy season. A few years ago, the government asked the University of Udayana, of which I am a member, to model the drifting of rubbish, but in the end they failed to do so. As an old modeler, I can tell you that in order to model this drift, you need to model not only the large convection currents, but also the drift 2 km from shore. This would be not easy.

My eldest son is hooked on his longboard, which he bought two days ago. Up until last year, he only rode shortboards, then the Corona pandemic hit, and he got hooked on fishboards for a change, and for the past few months, he's only been on fishboards. A few days ago I broke his softboard, and he started longboarding at the start of the school holidays. He says that he doesn't see any kids his age doing longboarding around Canggu. I think one kid in Kuta is really good at logboarding, but that's it. My eldest son used to be a very good shortboarder. He doesn't like competition, so he doesn't surf hard anymore. And today, he told me why he enjoys longboarding more. He said that there are different types of people who are shortboarders and longboarders. On a shortboard, it's hard to get a good wave when there are 10 guys in the same spot. Especially nowadays he doesn't try to go to the peak to get a wave. On a longboard, on the other hand, you can get a lot of waves even if there are a lot of people. He said it was good for him. I think it's good to use a variety of surfboards, shortboards, longboards, fishboards, but for the time being, he'll probably stick to longboards because he usually concentrates on only one thing. We don't surf for an hour these days, but today we surfed for two and a half hours. I surfed for an extra half hour, about three hours. So, it seems that his passion for surfing has come back on the longboard.

Then I dropped the kids off at football game, made mango syrup from the mango fruit growing at home and made a sawdust compost, something I've always wanted to try. I would have been in Japan by now, but my fellowship in Kyoto was cancelled, so I won't be going there this year. With that in mind, we decided to watch a Japanese film, "Fast and Furious 3 Tokyo Drift". My second son said it was one of the top three films he had ever seen. It's not really like this in Japan, but it's not far off.

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