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[Bali life] Renovating office and treehouse for meaningful tourism

Before the Coronavirus started, there were sometimes as many as 30 gift makers working in this office. We also had guests staying in our two tree houses. Since the pandemic, we have moved to almost 100% remote working and have had no guests staying in the treehouses.

Because of this, we are renovating the office and the treehouse. The office has no walls at all, so we put big steel arcs to make it stronger. We added a loft to increase the total floor space.

The first treehouse has a wider roof to reduce the amount of rain that falls on it. If you came here a few years ago, you might not have seen this chandelier either. I got it from a Spanish restaurant that closed a while before Corona.

I think the remote work system will go on like this even if Corona is finished. However, when Bali's tourism comes back, ecotourism and educational tourism will increase as "meaningful tourism". To respond to such projects, I am building an embodiment of what I consider to be sustainability. I mentioned the other day that before I became a scientist, I wanted to be an artist, and this office is my most significant work of art so far ;-).

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