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[Bali life] Real blessing 20 seconds on a wave at Batu Bolong, Canggu

Today is one of the essential Muslim holidays and Balinese Hindu New Year on Sunday, so it's a long weekend until Monday. But somehow, I don't feel completely free as I have a kick-off meeting on Tuesday for three projects, two European Commission projects and another European biogas blockchain project.

However, as I don't have any meetings, I can do things I wouldn't normally do on a weekday. I've read two books that I've been meaning to read. Both ended up talking about a future where many people will not work or earn the kind of money they want. At first glance, this sounds pessimistic, but the truth is that if you can enjoy things that don't cost money, you can still enjoy life as much as before.

So I invited the kids to go surfing. As I mentioned the other day, Canggu in Bali is no longer an empty place as the number of nomadic workers increases. Nevertheless, we decided to save the best waves for when the Corona pandemic is over, as there will be a huge number of surfers and wannabe surfers flocking to Batu Bolong. The waves here can be hundreds of metres long when they are good, and today was a perfect day. My eldest son has been into longboarding lately, and Batu Bolong is a great place to do it. That's why the flagship of Deus Ex Machina is also here.

I'm glad that he started longboarding during the pandemic because he can learn and ride the best waves for longboarding before too dense.

My second son and I are also surfing on alternative boards called fishboard and midlength.

Even though it is getting more and more crowded, it is a real blessing to spend more than 20 seconds on a wave without thinking about anything or not being able to think about anything. It's a blissful life that costs very little, too. Have a happy and safe long weekend!!

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