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[Bali life] Making stairs to the new office loft and random copy drawings

The staircase I have built is almost cut in half. What are they doing?

To insert the staircase into the benches and table made of Ulin Wood that I got from a Swedish sandwich shop in Batu Bolong, Canggu. By inserting the staircase, half of the table can function as a staircase. Now we can finally go up to the top of the loft.

When we turn on the fan hanging from the ceiling, the air blows out from underneath the sawtooth floor. The sawtooth floor also provides a good cushion. Today is Sunday, so I took a longer nap than usual. The lamp in the photo is also from a Spanish restaurant in Berawa, Canggu. 99% of the lamps we use in our house are artistic pieces that we got from some cafes, restaurants or villas at a reasonable price.

The loft project will be finished in less than a week. Then I will start to build the natural swimming pool and the last building behind it. The last building was actually the first one we planned, but it ended up being the last one.

I tell my staff not to do too many things, but I have to keep learning about blockchain, natural swimming pools and general architecture, in addition to my existing work. On top of that, I have to get up at 5.30 in the morning, go surfing for an hour, do a croquis drawing somewhere to relax, write this blog before going to bed... No matter how routine and efficient I try to be, time is running out. So, I'm thinking about what I should throw away.

By the way, I tried to draw a picture with a sketching crayon for the first time today. It was a trial run, so I copied this YouTube video. I think I'll try to draw the sunset at Canggu Beach. With all this study fever, I'm running out of time again.

If I spend 15 minutes every day drawing charcoal croquis, I can easily make a picture by copying what has already been drawn. However, it is not so easy to create a picture from a photograph. It is more difficult to design with your mind what you see, than to draw with your hands what you have designed.

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