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[Bali life] Easiest way to plant lawn and finish my rooftop garden!!

Today was the last chance to finish the rooftop garden with my children as the school reopening starts tomorrow as a day-camp after a long delay due to Corona. So, yesterday we bought a lawn called Mutiara and today we were able to plant it. Clap! Clap! Clap!

I've done it a few times before so I'm used to with Mutiara. It took us less than an hour to finish. You buy a carpet of grass in other countries and then plant a lawn to attach the soil. I have also used a type of lawn that is planted from seed. I do not recommend this type of lawn as it becomes weedy and uncontrollable.

Mutiara grass will grow in the darkest of places and does not need to be mowed and maintained. It is not suitable for playing football or golf as it is not as resistant to trampling as most Japanese grasses, but it is suitable for ornamental gardens. Our Mutiara grass is bought from the place growing on the soil, which is then uprooted and replanted. We replant Mutiara, but you don't have to really plant it like you would plant rice in a rice paddy.

You just tear off the Mutiara and lay it out, then sprinkle soil and compost on top of it. After that, you just pour water on it, tap it on the top and flatten the garden out, and you're done. The reason for watering is to make the soil fall down and close a gap between the soil and the roots. It is advisable to leave the plant for about three weeks to allow the roots to establish. Japanese lawns can also be replanted in this way. It will take some time to cover the whole garden, but it is cheaper as you don't have to buy so much grass to cover the whole garden from the start.

1) Planting Mutiara

2) Sprinkle the soil

3) Watering and pumping to make it flat.

4) Done!!

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