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[Bali life] COVID19 vaccination is available in Canggu if you have KITAS.

Yesterday, while I was having a meeting with a visitor from abroad, I was suddenly informed that vaccinations were available in my neighbourhood. I didn't get vaccinated yesterday as I already had a lot of work to do, but my wife got vaccinated by herself. Yesterday she was fine, but this morning she suddenly started to feel ill and was bedridden for most of the day. The vaccine introduces a coronavirus-like substance into the body, so it is natural that the symptoms should resemble those of corona. I wonder what would have happened if it had been a real corona.

I had a free day this morning, so I went to vaccination straight after dropping the kids off. Some of my non-Canggu friends had already had the vaccine, so I thought it was quite late to get it. Compared to Kuta and Ubud, where the vaccine has been available for a while now, Canggu seems to have fewer empty restaurants and hostels due to the higher rate of nomads compared to tourists.

I don't know how long the vaccine will be available, but for now, it can be obtained at the church in Babakan. 

The vaccination is free of charge for Indonesians and foreigners with a residence permit (KITAS). In addition to the KITAS, foreigners should also bring two copies of their passport, two copies of their KITAS and the following letter on company letterhead, signed and stamped with a 10K rupiah revenue stamp.

By the time I arrived at the church at 9.30am, over 100 people had already been inoculated, and my number was 191. After about 20 minutes of waiting in social distance, my number was called, and after a short blood pressure check, I was vaccinated within seconds. I was then given a certificate for the vaccine and a report with the date of the next vaccination.

The whole process was very smooth. Compared to other developed countries, I think the vaccination process in Indonesia is very fast. The whole process of giving the vaccine went on and on without any delay. At the moment, Bali is planning to welcome foreign tourists in July, so the vaccination in Bali seems to be a priority in preparation for that. I'm feeling a bit tired, so I'm going to bed now.

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Su Sana
Su Sana
May 22, 2021

Hi, thanks for this post. But what type of vaccine do they give you? Astrazeneca or Sinovac or another one even?

Replying to

You are welcomed!

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