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[Bali life] COVID19 situation in Canggu and free vaccine for tourists

The spread of coronavirus in Indonesia has been rapid. Bali is also experiencing an outbreak, although not as severe as in Jakarta. This rapid increase is because of the introduction of the Indian delta virus, and possibly many people moved at the end of the Islamic fasting month. The country was trying to prevent people from travelling, but it was impossible to stop this major event for two years. The data also shows that the number of people travelling before the outbreak spread increased.

The official data is less than the actual data, so it must have spread gradually after the fasting month. Canggu, where I live, is the most popular place in Bali, so even after Corona, new cafes and restaurants were opening every month. However, due to the lockdown, some shops have finally closed their doors. After a year and a half of working hard, the lockdown must have broken their hearts.

I don't go out that much, and I work 100% remotely, so my life hasn't changed that much. If there's one thing that has changed, it's that I've started to shop more on e-commerce, using transport and delivery services like Uber, and online markets like Amazon weekly. I used to go to the nearest convenience store to pay for my online purchases because I couldn't register my credit card. Now, I can complete my online shopping with a credit card. There are at least seven are unicorns (very promising start-up companies) in Indonesia. I'm sure many people have started to use e-commerce as I did this time in Indonesia. And they will continue to do so even after the Corona pandemic is over.

Historically, pandemics have been followed by major social changes. The mechanisation of the industry and the influx of women into the labour market have been influenced by previous pandemics due to labour shortages . This time, remote working, e-commerce and online education will be such things. What kind of world will this Corona bring us if it lasts long enough?

The second Free Vaccine for tourists

The Japanese consulate has informed us that foreign travellers who have already completed the first dose of the vaccine can have a second dose at the same location.

(1) Only for those who have completed the first vaccination at Wantilan DPRD Bali.

(2) Bring the proof of 1st vaccination (in paper form) issued by Wantilan DPRD Bali.

(3) Bring the passport (or a photocopy) used for the 1st vaccination.

(4) Free of charge, just like the 1st vaccination.

(5) The vaccination venue is the same as the 1st vaccination, Wantilan DPRD Bali.

(6) Vaccine type is the same as the first dose.

(7) Vaccination hours are from 8:00am to 2:00pm (250 doses per day)

(8) No appointments are possible (please come directly to the venue)

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