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[Bali life] A real eco ledge in Bali with a natural swimming pool and DIY bio-septic tank.

I lived a life where I didn't leave the house much except to surf, but I don't leave the house much anymore since the Corona pandemic. But today we went out as a family because we wanted to go here.

Sarinbuana Eco Lodge
+62 813-3902-8839

This eco-lodge treats all its sewage in its own bio-septic tank. Heavy metals and other substances are also treated by selected plants that ingest heavy metals.

They also have a functioning natural swimming pool without chlorine or other chemicals. The regeneration area, which removes the nutrients that prevent water plants' development, is surprisingly minimal. Outside of the regeneration area, they use a natural filtering mechanism to physically remove organic particles and other algae fed to the fish.

There is also a walking tour of the rainforest forest near this facility. Around the forest, coffee, vanilla, nutmeg and palm sugar were also being grown. Amazingly, there is still a place like this about an hour away from Canggu. I had a short chat with the owner Noel and his son about future cooperation. Bali has many hotels and facilities that emphasise eco-friendliness, but many of them only say so but don't really work. We were shown the inside of this facility, and I understood that it is really working. I would like to do more collaboration like this in the future.

The guide explained to us about the huge parasite tree!

We are working in Jangle.

Bali vanilla!

There is a coffee plantation around.

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