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Direct Sales : Inspired by A Guy Who Sales Cookies

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

Okta's here! I'm from the do-business team 😉

During these hard times, we have to admit that our sales are unstable, with tourists going back to their home country and there is a need to reach out to new buyers. Although we have been trying our best to keep in touch and reach out through social media, it is still very difficult. A few days ago, we simply had a conversation with our friends about us and they became immediately interested with our products! We realized that maybe face-to-face conversations are still the nicest way to communicate about what we do in

In Bali, with a proper social distancing (wearing masks), you can still go to the beach! We got inspired by one guy in Echo beach who sells homemade cookies everyday. I must admit the cookies are pretty good and also cheap! One thing that I love about this guy is how charismatic and funny he is. I think we were missing some of that interaction as we are always promoting things digitally. We thought, let's back to basic and why not to give it a try. Just like those famous fast food restaurant, we try to introduce our products by meeting people directly. So for the first time, we started selling & su-re.cocoa in Pererenan beach.

Back to Basic

Many people walked by and refused to talk with us until a lovely couple stopped and super interested on our products. We discuss about how we make our su-re.cocoa and support the community at the same time. They simply open the su-re.cocoa and enjoyed every bite of it. They really like the taste! They said it was a perfect combination of chocolate with crunchy coffee beans inside. They asked their friends to try our chocolate as well and all of them love it! We had good time. It thrilled us to meet more people and share the amazing stories from Last, they also very surprise to know that our su-re.cocoa is vegan and organic.

Yes, it is true! So, just click here if you are looking for vegan chocolate. See you in the next blog! 👋🏾

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Thanks!! Everything is experiment, so wemay try something else as well ;-)

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