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Another little contribution in New Year 2021

Hi all it's Maya from the do-business team!

The end of the year is coming and I am excited for my favorite holiday. However, I am especially excited to have everyone start their holidays with our new product line-up - NEW YEAR GIFT HAMPERS.

These hampers do not only contain a collection of our products, what's most exciting is that it is also a collaboration of many NGOs that are striving to help local communities! For these special edition hampers, we collaborate with Triupcycle, Sakombu, Ceramic ToyArsa, and Lindungihutan.

I would like to share with you how I found these NGOs.


I visited Ubud Food Festival back in 2017. I found Triupcycle there. One thing that caught my interest was that they sell scarves made of recycled bedsheets from hotels in Ubud. What I love about the scarf, they also made a map of Ubud on it. Besides that, I was happy because, with every purchase, I could contribute to saving Orang Utan’s lives in Borneo Island. After that experience, I repurchased their scarf as a gift for my friends’ birthday ✨

Oh! Funny thing. I always ordered through Instagram’s Direct Message. I sometimes post their products to my social media and tag them. I had chatted with someone on Triupcycle’s Instagram from 2017 to 2019 (last time).

In August, one of my best friends asked me to go out with her co-workers. One of them is the one from Triupcycle, we had chat and I found that she’s the founder of Triupcycle. She’s the one who replied to my message through Triupcycle’s Instagram account. Since then, we became friends ✨

A few months ago, I found her wearing a mask from Triupcycle, then I introduced it to team and we finally can collaborate with Triupcycle for our special hampers ✨🦧🦧


I worked at an NGO before I started working here back in 2019. My co-workers and I used to join a Sunday market to promote our products. At that time, we opened our booth in Sanur. We found Sakombu at that Sunday Market. We visited their booth and they have pretty products. It also smelled great! We met the founder, Deffee and she shared with us the story behind Sakombu. She helped women in her village in West Sumatera. Sakombu is made from dried Mansiang stems (Actinoscirous Grossus), which is what makes the product smell nice. Deffee empowered women in her village to make something beautiful from Mansing stems. She also helped to market the products. The women there, farm during the day and weave during the night or in their spare time. From her story, we became interested to collaborate with Sakombu.

My best friend, Radhya, who used to work at, also knew Sakombu and asked Sakombu to collaborate for June’s hampers with Now, we, again, got the chance to collaborate with Sakombu for End-Of-Year hampers. I am happy that we can ask more people to contribute something through our special hampers! ✨

ToyArsa Ceramics

Radhya introduced us to ToyArsa. One day, we did a small reunion with Radhya and Mayun, another alumni. We went to Tabanan and had a ceramics workshop at ToyArsa. We met the founder and experienced how to make mugs and other crafts from scratch. It wasn't easy to shape the ceramics into something useful and nice, and I found difficulties during the process. From that experience, I realized that I need to give more appreciation to craftsmen who have been in the ceramics industry especially in this situation.

Last two weeks, one of our friends who worked with ToyArsa contacted us and asked for collaboration. At that time, we were preparing our hampers and finally, we can now collaborate with ToyArsa to our special hampers. Hope you can also experience the loving handcrafted mugs from Bali ✨☕

Lindungi Hutan Indonesia

I knew this organization from the team. We had an online event with Lindungi Hutan last two weeks. During the meeting, members of Lindungi Hutan shared with us about their program. They also did a crowdfunding campaign, although it was to invite people to join their initiatives to plant more trees. They planted trees regularly. The system is so cool! So, we donate trees from their website, they will plant the trees, and they will give us a report of our trees. We can also know how much carbon emissions we have already reduced.

Because of our previous discussion and their story, we can collaborate with Lindungi Hutan and invite our community, more people to join the campaign ✨🌱🍃

And of course, some of the sales will be used for our projects, such as biogas installation and climate field schools for Indonesian farmers.

I find it really inspiring to have met all these organizations that are willing to collaborate with us. It is a great reminder that we are not alone and can all work together to promote climate change adaptation, women empowerment, ecosystem conservation, and marketing local products!

Time really flies and 2021 is just around the corner. I am certainly blessed beyond measure that I made it to the end of this year, still with a roof over my head and to still be a part of's projects. So why not start your new year with a small action to support women, farmers, and nature simply by sharing these sustainable gifts? 🤗

Place your order before December 24, 2020, through, and for more information, feel free to contact us by DM or 085215304838 (Okta).

Enjoy the last few weeks of December!!

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17. des. 2020

Looking forward to another package May! ;)

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