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A Silent Office? : Working at pt 1


Maya from do-business and be-event here!

From the beginning, I realized that working at would be challenging and not easy. I knew when I worked at an NGO called Future Farmers Indonesia. We were invited to bazaars and also events around Canggu. In one of them, around March 2019, I met’s interns and staff members. Later that year in August, I was also invited to's welcoming party for ‘ACT’ TigerMov Japan!!

I would have never imagined that now, I have organized 3 programs of onlineACT x TigerMov 🥺🥺🥺

Anyway! I want to share my experiences of working at, to all of you guys who want to join the team as an intern or staff 😉

Here’s my timeline:

* I joined as giftmaker in October 2019 as a Be-Event coordinator. The first day, we had a morning meeting where everyone can update their to-do list, project, progress, etc. There, I learned how to respect someone when they’re speaking, I learned how to communicate, transparency (as we need to update everything related to work at the meeting), and teamwork (we know other giftmaker’s difficulties during the work, so, we know how can we help them). That was the first lesson I got from

* New experience was when we started to work, I was so confused why it was silent.. No one was speaking! We even collected our phones on a small tray at the office’s kitchen 😱. So, what if we have something urgent and need to discuss the project with another giftmaker? Yes, we have a small space close to the office’s gate (but still in the office area) and under Tree House. There, we can talk and discuss everything. BUT! We needed to bring a ‘Minutes of Meeting’ book if it is longer than a 5-minute chat. We needed to write everything we discussed, especially to document the action points so we don’t forget the output of the meeting. From silent working, I learned how to be more focused and to solve problems by myself. Only once I’ve tried and still cannot find the answer will I then consult with other giftmakers at the meeting later. From the discussion during the work, I learned to utilize time efficiently (FYI, the duration for discussion is only 30 minutes), then I also learned how to be more detailed on taking notes (what’s the progress, how to achieve the goals, what to do next, etc), and again: communication. That was my second lesson.

That was just my first day of work. It’s almost been 1.5 years since I started working at So much has also changed, as we always adapt to new environments and try to find better ways. There are hundreds of experiences that I really want to share with you all about my story, working at

I know it’s going to be a really long blog, so, I will make this a series. I will continue the journey NEXT WEEK. I will share with you how I prepared my first project at; managing an international workshop and what I got during the preparation, and other unpredictable and unforgettable experiences.

THANK YOU for always reading my blog! See you next week!

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it was a good old time. I missed the interaction in person.

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