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A self-serve online library: strategy for sustainability

One of my favorite thing at is solving unanswered project management issues and overseeing the function of all teams. Recently while I was working on evaluation for gift makers, I came across this concept called knowledge management system (KMS). At first I thought it basically meant a manual for internal company procedures. After I dig in deeper, KMS is more than just procedural manual, it utilizes technology as the solutions to capturing, storing, processing, and disseminating multiple types of data/information into readable organized source, like a self-serve online library. Knowledge management system can be very valuable for a fast-paced moving small company or businesses, like, because of the dynamic changes and flexibility is needed to survive and transition to any condition. As you may have read in previous blog by our CEO about OODA and SDG, sustainability as a concept spans much more than the narrow focus green and environmentally friendly. The system within require a shared vocabulary and shared experiences to sustain the accessibility to knowledge and information that focus on vision and mission. In order for a value giving company and nonprofit to be sustainable requires a long term value (vision and mission), capacity to function (the structure) and stewardship (the knowledge base management). Here in, we have the long term value to be giftmaker for the earth, and capacity to function with our amazing team of giftmakers and leadership of our CEO.

What we are currently improving is stewardship, where a integrated knowledge management clearly reflect the business processes of customer relationship management, supply chain management, and partner relationship management. are already have Content management system,the manual, that collect and curate the internal knowledge of ther company so employees can more effectively learn and share. While I am still exploring the best KMS software suitable for in this data driven age, my nearest goals is to enhance it more in a way that could help foster innovation and competitive edge.

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