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5 Reasons Why You Have to Consider Using Biogas for Your Daily Life

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

We Cannot Live Without Energy 

The issue of sustainable energy is one of the critical issues for all of us since everything in our lives needs energy. We need energy from food so we can work, we need heat energy to cook, we need chemical energy to turn on the machine and many more benefits we get by using energy.

However, most of the population is still depending on fossil fuel and coal which are non-renewable energy. Some people, especially in rural area, are also depending on firewood for cooking which can release carbon into the air. They are beneficial to run the vehicle, lighthouses, and streets, cooking, and let the machines work for us.  Today the resources are decreasing, world temperature is increasing making us getting close to the energy crisis and global warming. 

Before it is too late, we have to find the solution for the better future of our Earth. 

Biogas is One of the Solutions

Have you heard about biogas? We believe most of you have been familiar with this source of energy. It is renewable and produces no emission, meaning it is can be one of the solutions to substitute non-renewable energy as well as reduce carbon emission in the atmosphere. It changes the energy from waste like cow manure to energy that can be used to cook or even light our house!

Why Biogas?

Here some reasons why you have to consider using biogas for your daily life.

Biogas is Eco Friendly

Apart from its role as renewable energy, biogas is also a clean source of energy. The gas produced through a biodigestion process without any combustion takes place in the process. What does it mean? It is zero emission!

It is Easy to Use

Once you have your biogas installed, you just need to feed it regularly with cow manure and wait until the gas well produced. If you are using biogas digester, once the bag grows bigger, that the gas filling the biogas digester. Here you can see a biogas digester at our office full of gas!

Then you can connect your stove with the biogas digester by using a pipe and you will be ready to cook your dish!

Healthy Cooking Alternative for Farmers

30% of Indonesian is a farmer and do not have access to clean energy. Biogas especially biogas digester can become a solution for them to get better access to clean energy. Biogas digester uses simple technology, makes farmers can use and maintain it easily. Even more, one of our coffee farmers in Bajawa, Flores has been using biogas for cooking. Check out our Facebook to see how they are cooking using biogas! Extra Organic Fertilizer for Free! Did you know? Not all of the cow manure inside the biogas will be transformed into gas! The digestion process will produce gas, bio-slurry, and water. You can take out the bio-slurry and use it as fertilizer!  And the Best Thing, You are Taking Care of the World As we know there is only one earth exists. We rely on this planet and taking care of it must be our responsibility. By using biogas, you are applying sustainable solutions to prevent the energy crisis as well as reducing gas emission in the air, ended up with all of us, kids, our grandchildren can enjoy a better climate! If you are interested to know more about biogas digester or even installing biogas digester for your house or business, contact our team at

Help us installing more biogas digester for farmers by supporting our activities

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